Enterpreneur Makers

The maker community enables many aspiring entrepreneurs and startups who want to produce things, to do just that themselves, at least to get started with their business. This platform helps to turn great manufacturing and product ideas into reality. 

Opensource Hardware

This is a contemporary subculture representing a technology-based extension of DIY culture which include Electronics, Robotics, 3D printing and CNC tools.


This is a platform dedicated to learning hardware from beginner level to a professional level, meet with hardware developers and share your projects. Join the world's best hardware engineers to start a career in the technology manufacturing industry.

CloudX Education

This is a maker movement in schools and universities where practical hardware designs are being taught in the classrooms. This program is to teach students electronics and robotics in classes and prepare them international competitions.

Learn, Make and Share

The CloudX Makers Community(CMC) is a platform built on a collection of emerging technologies which are used to modify and repurpose exisiting hardware to produce something new.

Opensource Microcontroller Board

CloudX is the first opensource microcontroller board made in Africa with its own programming environment developed by ByteHub Embedded. Easy to learn and program, you can get started on the browse page.


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