Software Downloads

CloudX eBook Episode 2

Version: 2 | Size: 2.22MB | Uploaded Date 2019-05-02
CloudX tutorial eBook Episode 2

CloudX eBook Episode 1

Version: 1 | Size: 3.32MB | Uploaded Date 2019-04-27
This is the first beginners guide to cloudx microcontroller programming 

CloudX Embedded Systems Courses

Version: v1.0 | Size: 1.2MB | Uploaded Date 2019-03-08
CloudX Offers varieties of Embedded systems, Robotics and Automation courses. You can download the curriculum for any course you are interested in. Mastering...

CloudX IDE

Version: 7.0.0 | Size: 131MB | Uploaded Date 2019-01-08
The CloudX opensource software integrated development environment(IDE) makes it very easy to write codes with the libraries, compile and upload it into...

CloudX Library

Version: 3.01 | Size: 132kB | Uploaded Date 2019-01-08
This contains over hundreds of CloudX pre-written header files that allows you to get your projects done easier and faster. This latest...

CloudX SoftCard Driver

Version: 3.40 | Size: 189kB | Uploaded Date 2019-01-08
This is the CloudX driver that allows the softcard work properly on your computer. It creates a serial port terminal that the...

CloudX Proteus Library

Version: 3.0 | Size: 8kB | Uploaded Date 2019-01-08
This library creates CloudX component on your Proteus Professional software for hardware debugging and circuit simulation.

SoftCard Eagle Files

Version: 1.80 | Size: 65.6kB | Uploaded Date 2019-01-08
This files contains the softcard eagles .brd and .sch files. It's oprnsource hardware for makers to develop.

CloudX M633 Eagle Files

Version: 1.80 | Size: 97.6kB | Uploaded Date 2019-01-08
This file contains the M633 eagle schematics and PCB design for makers to design their own board. It's Opensource Hardware.

CloudX M633 Bootloader

Version: 1.80 | Size: 0.6kB | Uploaded Date 2019-01-08
This is the CloudX M633 Hex File that allows you to create your own board.

CloudX User's Guide

Version: 1.80 | Size: 3.95MB | Uploaded Date 2019-01-08
This is a well designed user guide on how to setup and insall the CloudX software, the IDE compilation process and the...

CloudX Library Documentation

Version: 3.0 | Size: 6.93MB | Uploaded Date 2019-01-08
This library is documentated to help users understand and know current supported functions for the CloudX board.