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    CloudX Starter kit 1

    Description :

    More than 100 components, this is the most complete CloudX starter kit you will find. Great value starter kit with 63 kinds of CloudX products. Has all the CloudX products you need and a free PDF tutorial (more than 30 lessons) to show you how to use them. All code to use the modules is included on the CD. All the modules come soldered so they are easy to wire up. Includes CloudX controller board, the SoftCard and USB cable, 100% compatible with CloudX kit. Kit comes packaged in compartmentalized case with a bonus box for small parts like LED’s, IC’s, buttons, diodes, etc. Component listing: 5pcs White LED 5pcs Yellow LED 5pcs Blue LED 5pcs Green LED 5pcs Red LED 1pcs RGB LED 5pcs 104 Ceramic Capacitor 2pcs Photoresistor 5pcs Diode Rectifier (1N4007) 2pcs Electrolytic Capacitor (10UF 50V) 2pcs Electrolytic Capacitor (100UF 50V) 5pcs NPN Transistor (C1815) 5pcs NPN Transistor (BC557) 1pcs Tilt Switch 5pcs Button (small) 1pcs 1 digit 7-segment Display 1pcs 4 digit 7-segment Display 1pcs Sound Sensor Module 1pcs LCD1602 Module ( with pin header) 1pcs IC 74HC595 1pcs Active Buzzer 2pcs Potentiometer 1pcs Rotary Encoder Module 1pcs Joystick Module 1pcs Keypad Module 1pcs 5V Relay Module 1pcs CloudX Controller Board 1pcs CloudX SoftCard 1pcs Breadboard 1pcs Servo Motor (SG90) 1pcs HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor 1pcs Max7219 Dot-Matrix Module 1pcs 3V Servo Motor 1pcs Flame Sensor 1pcs LM35 Temperature sensor 1pcs Sound sensor 1pcs 60 Jumper Wire 1pcs Water Level Sensor 1pcs USB Cable 1pcs 9V Battery with DC and Cap 1pcs 10pcs Resistor (100R) 10pcs Resistor (220R) 10pcs Resistor (470R) 10pcs Resistor (1K) 10pcs Resistor (2.2K) 10pcs Resistor (4.7K) 10pcs Resistor (10K) 10pcs Resistor (100K) 10pcs Resistor (1M) 1pcs Software CD.

    ₦ 25000 ₦ 31500

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