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    Building Robotics with microcontroller board platforms is not just simple, it's fun! With this workshop we intend to build a Smart Phone Controlled robot from scratch. -- *Workshop Outline* -- * Introduction to Electronics * Brief Introduction to CloudX IDE * Brief Introduction to CloudX Hardware * Basics of Robotics * Knowing your Robotic kit * Simple "Hello World" Progam * Reading sensors * Driving Motors * Assembling the Robot * Editting the Code * Uploading code the Smart Phone Controlled Robot * Testing your Robot -- *Required Equipment & Components* -- * The lab exercises are tested on a Windows Operating System platforms. * Your PC should also have 1 available (free) USB port. * The following equipment and software should be installed/available before attending the workshop: (This will be done on your arrival at the workshop) * (Optional) You may also need to buy tools (Cutting pliers, Multimeter etc.) For your personal use. -- *Who Can Attend* -- * Anyone within the age of 12 - 50 years or any tech enthusiasts. -- *Payment* -- Please Note: All payment must be made before 3rd of August. * Training Fee: N5,000 * Robotic Kits: N10,000 Time: 11am - 3pm Date: 10/08/2019 Venue: CloudX Training Institute Address: 315, Borno Way, Alagomeji, Yaba..

    ₦ 15000 ₦ 32500

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