Battery Voltage Indicator using CloudX and LEDs CloudX

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Project Details

A simple LED Battery Level Indicator can be built using CloudX M633 board and LED(in this project we are using 5 LEDs). 

Batteries come with a certain voltage limit and if the voltage goes beyond the prescribed limits while charging or discharging, the life of the battery get affected or reduced. Whenever we use a battery powered project, sometimes we need to check the battery voltage level, whether it is needed to be charged or replaced. 

This circuit will help you to monitor the voltage of your battery.  This CloudX battery voltage indicator indicates the status of the battery by glowing LEDs on a 5  LEDs according to the battery voltage.



Material Required

  • CloudX M633
  • SoftCard
  • 5 LEEDs
  • Resistor (1.4k,1k)
  • Battery (to be tested)
  • Connecting wires
  • USB Cable


Circuit Diagram




#include <CloudX\ADC.h>

float BatteryChecker;

//setup here
                portMode(1, OUTPUT);
                portWrite(1, OFF_ALL);
//Program here
                BatteryChecker = Analog_read(A0);
                BatteryChecker = BatteryChecker * 5/1023;
                BatteryChecker = BatteryChecker * 3;

                   portWrite(1,  0b00011111);
               if(BatteryChecker<12 && BatteryChecker>=9.6 ){
                   portWrite(1,  0b00011110);
               if(BatteryChecker<9.6 && BatteryChecker>=7.2 ){
                   portWrite(1,  0b00011100);
               if(BatteryChecker<7.2 && BatteryChecker>=4.8 ){
                   portWrite(1,  0b00011000);
               if(BatteryChecker<4.8 && BatteryChecker>=2.4 ){
                   portWrite(1,  0b00010000);
               if(BatteryChecker<2.4 && BatteryChecker>=0 ){
                   portWrite(1,  0b00000000);








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