50 Final Year Projects Topics with CloudX Electronics

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Project Details

CloudX is an open source hardware platform that is available for everyone to develop electronics and embedded system related projects. It is being widely used by hobbyists, designers, programmers and engineers to develop cool projects. It is intended to make the application of interactive objects or environments more accessible. 

The hardware consists of an open-source hardware board designed around an 8-bit or 32-bit Microchip PIC microcontroller. As the cloudx interface is simple and the programming made much simpler, it is being preferred by beginners who wants to build projects but doesn't really have much experience.

As the technology around us are fast forwarding towards lots of innovation, it is essential that students who are pursuing engineering will find it very challenging when they go for job in meeting the industrial demands. But building projects will help students in bridging this gap and help them to develop an exciting career. For this, I am suggesting some of the cloudx based projects that a student can do develop skills on the latest technologies.


1. RFID Based Door Access Control System

2. Programmable Automatic Street light controller

3. IOT based patient health monitoring system 

4. Wireless Gas Leakage Detection system

5. Voice controlled wireless Electronic notice board using smartphone.

6. HC12 RF Remote control home appliances

7. Temperature & Light Monitoring and Controlling system.

8. Home appliance control using computer(Wireless)

9. Fingerprints Door Access Security system.

10. IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System 

11. Home appliances controlling using Bluetooth 

12. CloudX based Google Map Vehicle Tracking System using GPS and GSM

13. Intelligent Solar Tracking System

14. Scrolling Text Matrix LED Display

15. Speech - Text Appliance Control system

16. Automatic Plant Irrigation System 

17. Remote Controlled Robotic Arm

18. Wearable Health Monitoring Glove

19. Motion Detection SMS alert system

20. Smart Water Monitoring System using IoT

21. Remote Weather Monitoring System 

22. Biometric Attendance Monitoring System

23. OLED Display based Tetris Game

24. WiFi controlled Robotic Vehicle

25. Bluetooth based Smart Energy Meter 

26. CloudX based GSM with TFT display

27. Construction of CNC Machine 

28. RFID based Students Attendance System

29. Wireless Surveillance Robot with Motion Detection and Live Video Transmission.

30. Intelligent Facial Recognition Security System

31. Protected Switching Power Supply 

32. Real-time Temperature and Humidity Data Logging 

33. WiFi Controlled Dot Matrix Display

34. Digital Clock Display with DS1302

  1. 35. Self balancing robot.

36. Simple Clock and Date on LED Matrix

37. Digital Distance Measurement using Ultrasonic sensor

38. Ball Tracking Robot

39. Password Controlled Security System

40. IOT Based Health Care System

41. WiFi Controlled Drone

42. EarthQuake and Vibration Sensor Alarm

43. Temperature Controlled Fan Speed

44. Digital Electric Timer Device

45. Gas Leakage Sensor with SMS

46. CloudX-Based Automatic Water Tap Using IR Sensor

47. Intelligent Snake Game with GLCD

48. Scientific Calculator and Word Processing on 2.8 In TFT Display

49. Automatic 4-way Traffic Light System

50. Obstacle Avoidance and Line Following Robot 

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