Hardware Specification CloudX

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Project Details

The CloudX is made up of the Controller and the SoftCard;


  1. is a board that has the microcontroller chip, the regulated power with necessary filters, digital input and output, analog, timers and communication pins. The board also has an ICSP male header pin which the manufacturer used to load firmware on the board.

Controller Board part description

  1. Reset Button    this is a terminal intentionalleft for push button, when the button is pressed or the two holes bridged then the microcontroller will restart its operation.
  2. Voltage Regulator       this controls the amount of voltage that goes into the microcontroller,the regulator chip used regulates incoming voltage to 5v suitable for the MCU.
  3. Pin LED    the Lighting Emitting Diode (LED) is connected to pin1 and it is intentional placed there by the manufacturer for quick program test.   
  4. Power LED          this lights up anytime the board is connected to power source.
  5. Power Socket  this terminal consist of RESET, VIN, 5V, 3.3V and GND pin.

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