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Project Details

Blinking of Light Emitting Diode(LED) is the first project every beginner learn in embedded systems. It is often referred to as "Hello World!". The blinking LED is the "Hello World!" of physical computing.

This projects shows how to blink an LED, we will turn ON the LED for one second and turn OFF for another one second. The program will continue in that loop forever.

In embedded world, if you can drive the led you can drive anything. Led interfacing sometime looks very simple but it involves some concepts.


  • CloudX M633 and SoftCard
  • LED
  • 330R resistor
  • BreadBoard
  • Jumper wires


CloudX M633

This is the controller board that holds your code. It contains an On-board LED connected to pin1.



is a breakout board that allows you to upload your code from the computer into the microcontroller. If you build your cloudx controller yourself, please note that your controller must be bootloaded before it can work with the softcard. Also know that the cloudx softcard driver must have been installed on your computer before it can work properly.



It's called Light Emitting Diode, they are small lights used as indicators in electronics. They are powered with very small amount of current.


330R Resistor

It is used to limit the follow of current in a circuit, in this project 330R is used to reduce the current flowing into the LED from the pin1.


Jumper wires

For connecting one point to the other on a breadboard.


USB Cable


Circuit Diagram

CloudX PIC Microcontroller Board - LED Blinking - Circuit Diagram



Code and Paste the code below in your project.

#include  <CloudX\M633.h>

           //setup here
   pinMode(1, OUTPUT); // set pin1 as output

           //Program here
   pin1 = HIGH;    // Turn ON pin1 
   delay(1000);    // delay for 1second
   pin1 = LOW;     // Turn OFF pin1 
   delay(1000);    // delay for 1second

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