LED Chaser CloudX

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Project Details

Now let’s create a chaser project where the LED lights up one after the other at a particular time interval. You can make use of multiple LEDs to create an effect like the displays you do see in barber’s shop or any restaurant. In this tutorial, I will using four LEDs.  
The LED chaser is one of the simplest microcontroller projects where you can change or vary the speed of chasing LEDs by adjusting the delays or with the use of potentiometer. The programming logic is to turn on one single LED at a time while the others goes off.

The cathode (-) of the LEDs are connected together and the anode (+) of each LED is connected through a resistor to the P1, P2, P3, P4 pin respectively. 

In my code, I want the LEDs to chase after each other at every 300 milliseconds but you can very this to your best interest and also modify the code to perform more operations. Actually there are faster and more efficient way to write this code using loops, 

Material Needed

  • CloudX Controller
  • CloudX SoftCard
  • CloudX USB Cable
  • Breadboard
  • 220R x4
  • LED  x4
  • Male – Male Wires

The method above shows an easy way to write and understand how the chaser project. We try to turn ON one LED at a time while others are OFF at a very fast time interval of 300ms (0.3s).

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