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In this project i'll be explaining how to simulate your codes written on the cloudx IDE in Proteus(Desktop application) as   simulation is quite important to catch bugs and errors in your code, as this would affirm that your code is working perfectly and save the stress of troubleshooting hardware when problem occours


  1. 1. ensure you have properly installed cloudx IDE , in case you haven't check the tutorial

or search how to install cloudx IDE 

  1. 2. ensure you have the licensed version of proteus installed but a free version would also work


  1. 3. open your cloudx IDE, create an new project file , press CNTRL + A and backspace to delete all it's default content.
  2. save the empty file , making sure you saved into an empty folder.
  1. 4. goto hints or press CNTRL + SHIFT + E , it's found beside "add library"  on the menu bar and open up Delay example, copy and paste it into the newly created file and select the cloudx  board, i'll choose m633 board
  2. 5. build and compile by pressing the geer wheel icon on the menu bar

if everything goes well you'll see as shown below 'build sucessful'

6.In the folder you saved your project , you'll see a list of folders as shown below

the two most important is the .coff and .hex file which you'll load into your microcontroller as shown below

  1. 7. download and install proteus library ,  from

or just goto the downloads section of the cloudx website

8.choice of installing proteus library differs from proteus versions , but the best bet is to goto proteus root folder on my PC it's 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 8 Professional\LIBRARY

extract and paste the library there proteus and create a new project , the scope of creating a new project in proteus would not be covered in this tutorial , 

  1. 10. you'll have an empty space on proteus click on the P and search keyword cloudx select it


  1. 11 after this double click on the cloudx board an insert the hex file in the location as shown below


  1. 12. if you've done everything right you should have the simulation running below, u might decide to load in the .coff file to properly step into your code in proteus , this is only available to users running on licensed or cracked version of proteus.



  1. kindly comment for any questions thanks.

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