Smart Counter with TM1637 CloudX

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Project Details

The TM1637 seven segment module makes it easy to interface multiplexed segments displays with the microcontroller with just two wire including the VCC and GND, making four  terminals in total. The TM1637 seven segment module consists of CLK, DIO, VCC and GND. 

CloudX provides full libraries that supports this module. The two libraries includes:

SegmentTM1637_setting and SegmentTM1637_write

Please check the CloudX documentation for more details on how to use the TM1637 seven segment library.

In this project, I have connected the CLK pin to pin1  and DIO to pin2 of cloudx, then the VCC to 5V and GND to GND



#include <CloudX\Priscilla_2620.h>
#include <CloudX\SegmentTM1637.h>

int i=0;
SegmentTM1637_setting(1,2,6); //DIO, CLK, brightness

if(i>9999) i=0;


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