Tutorial on 8×8 LED Matrix(MAX7219) with Scrolling Text & Android Control via Bluetooth to CloudX M633 CloudX

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Project Details

In this tutorial we will learn how to control 8×8 LED Matrix using the MAX7219 driver and the CloudX board.

Circuit Schematic

Now let’s connect the 8×8 LED Matrix module to the CloudX Board. Here’s the circuit schematic:

CloudX Board 


Basic MAX7219 CloudX Code

Once we connect the modules we are ready to take a look at the code. 

#define MAX7219Serial //the serial feature is desired 
#include <CloudX\DOTMATRIX_MAX7219.h>

char buffer[50] = "Bytehub Embedded Lab" ; //the desired variable data array

setup() {
//setup here
MAX7219_setting(1,2,3,16,4); //DIN, CLK, CS, colsize, brightnes
//brightness (0 ->Dim : 15 -> Brightest)

/*The below function call initialize the serial feature*/
MAX7219_seriBegin(buffer, 50); //variable data array, array size

loop() {
//Program here
MAX7219_scrollDisplay(buffer, 10); //variable data array scrollspeed























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